Loaves Of Bread


Life,  light out
bite, bite out light out
bite off
bit off life bit off light bit 
light out off of
light out off
light out
lit out
lit on
lit lit
tit tit
who ray
ray off
ray oh vac
vac off
back off lock off lack off wall lock lack off lick
lick it off jack off hold off jack up light life lip off
lack off lap lap jump off lap jump off awful jump out off off
light life off of after you jump off laugh turd laughed a
lot a'  lap up laugh off ladder lapped her laugh off awful out &
on a out & out ray oh vac vac up vac off jack up light off
car floats down jack off John on June in jane up jane off
John on June in jane on jane off John on jack off
bite off butt in bang in butt in butt out laugh in love one
one love two three no count contessa wrest it laughing from her
grain no ear grain wood lawn lover dusty lovers love her for it
five no jive Jason basin water not hairy not furry water
with us no design plus time no wealth but fur water dancer
toilet water dances no notes dance & err dance & err
stand still make water
stand still water jake jack jerk jock juice jock no jerk
jock jerk jerk off jock jock jock jerk off jock jerk jock
jerk a jock
jock no jane,  jane no
jane a jane
jane no wood lawn sets down bites
sets down bites
puts down puts it off bites bitten dawn
bites at dawn
bites it down
bites it off at dawn dusk dust dusted
dust off accumulate
accumulate passion
ration it out raffle it off
rattle it
shake &
shook it took it
take in take off spaces laces create hate
hats off take it pass in hold off
toss it off
accumulate a late life living lust rubbers fizz
goodtime churches lurches from church to church
bouncing back alive as gravy
or gravy is
alive as it dusts off, correct.
Is dusted off
correct late. Too late. Too late.
To be one. One is me too oh too late. At once too late.
Too late oh me oh my fried rice.
Oh me oh my fried rice.
Rice to go.
Rice wheat rice heated hot to go
dotted with lots of lots
wealthy rice ice to go locked in locked chambers
closets mobs
walk one
then the other when
you walk you discover if you
uncover plots
where there are none.
They will be done.
God forgive them for
they will be done.


larry goodell / placitas, new mexico / in 1976 when I was baking a good deal . . .


About larry goodell

Poet exploring his viable extensions - publisher, performer, playwright - hand to hand help in creating spaces for poetry to be live in - reading events, recordings, online and tangible publications in the vocal spirit of his New Mexico.
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