Western Bar & Lounge 
 Trader Brown
  Home of George Boyce Trucking
  Junction 2
 Divided Highway Ends
 Santa Fe
 Best Lawn
  Your Operator
  Denny Wiseman
 Travelers Motel
  Sales Service
  Cafe Grocery Pawn
  The Champagne of Bottled Beer
 Have Card Will Travel
  Pecos Valley
  Lazy Dazy Gifts
  Health Aids
  Tony's Grocery
    Bowman Lumber Company
    Bob's Barbershop
   Game Room
    All Sports Kick-Off Dinner
  Pittsburge Paints
  Roswell Daily Record
    First Baptist Church
  Cambridge &
Carpenter for Sheriff
 Wagner Alfalfa Mill, Inc.
 Town Limit
 Elevation 3420
  9 Feet Wide
  No Passing Zone
  Danger High Voltage
  Farmers Co-op Assn. #3
  Systems Builders
  Dexter 	                  (Dexter)
 Wagner Farm
 Valley Ranch
  Tallmadge Avenue
  Allsups Convenience Store
 Frazier Oil & Gas Co.
 LP Gas.Gasoline.Diesel
    Bulk Delivery
 Oils & Grease
 LP Gas Carburations
 Ray Bell Oil Company
 Peg & Cal's Corner Store
 Corner Garage
 Flammable Propane
  Manitowac ICE
 Scientifically Prepared
Ozarka Drinking Water
 Chile For Sale
 Tony's Happy Hour Pizza
  El Burrito Cafe
  Have Card Will Travel
  No Smoking
  Pearl Fine Lager Beer
   Since 1886
  Truck Entrance

  The Chapparral Hotel
  Gas   Warning
 Beware of the Dog
 Farms on the Go!
 Tower Bar
  To 285
  Cumberland Market
  Midway Baptist Church 	           (Midway)
 Welcome to Midway
  Assembly of God
    Feed Pens
   Cattle & Sheep
   Y.O. Sub Division Lots for Sale
   Hendrix Auto Sales
  Sambo's Breakfast Lunch Dinner
  Ajax Mobile Homes
   Burlington Northern
   El Rancho Palacio Ahead 6 Miles
   Free Local Calls
   Capital Mobile Homes Realtor
   Diamond Auto Parts
   Trailer Village Campground
    Deep Rock
   Central Volkswagen
  Alwoods Home & Ranch
  Improvement Center
  Coming Soon
   Town & Country Bowling Center
  Arent You Hungry?
  Les Francis Chevrolet
  South Park  Gates Close at Sundown
  Rodeo Eastern N.M. State Fair Thrill Rides
   Roswell Livestock & Farm Supply
  SE Main St.                                   (Roswell)
   7 Eleven
   George's Carpet
  J.W. Jones & Sons
   Mechanical Contractors
   The Gift Shop
  Western Manufacturing Homes Inc.
  Save n Gain
  Campbells Auto Center
   Tire Sale
  Dont be a Dirty Bird
  Roswell High Fighting Coyotes
  Coopers Western Wear
  Furr's Cafeteria
 Max Littell Real Estate
 Sears Parking
 Ballard Funeral Home
 Herb Hughes for State Corporation Commissioner
  St.  Peters Hall
  Anderson & Watkins Inc.
 Wilson Tuxedos
 Made for the way you really drink beer
 Robbins Automotive Service Lt.
 Auto Aid
  Arent You Hungry?
  The beige cigarette.
 Roswell Motor Supply
 Wiggins Wonder Values
 American Linen Supply Co.
 Honda Courtesy Auto Imports
 Fulkerson Plumbing & Heating
  Rhoads Plumbing & Heating
  Tidy Car
  Federal Land Bank
   Roswell Cycle Shop
  Make the Toyota Jump
  Gay Nineties
   Wanted more ducks for America
 Pizza Hut
   Southeastern Steel
  New Mexico Military Institute
  Nemco National Supply
  Points of Interest
  Pearson Auditorium
   NMMI Golf Course
   Open to the Public
  SW Indian Jewelry
  Hobo Joe's
 Baker-Dodson Supply Co.
 More Light 100's
 Gulf Auto Diesel
  Longmire Real Estate Agency
  Mary Moppets Day Care School
  Young Doctors in Love
  Western Wear
  Parson's Motor Machine Service
  Baer Oilfield Services
 Bitterlake National Wildlife Refuge
  Fuel & Food
  Red's Auction Barn
 Byrd  Casing Crews
 Roswell Wrecking Company
  Mission Hills
  Braich Industrial Center
 Penco New Mexico Pipeline
  Star Tool Company
 Oilfield Construction
 Transwestern Pipeline Co.
 Lincoln County Line
 Ramon All Services Bar 	     (Ramon)
 Lowest Prices in Town
  Litter Barrel 1000 Feet
  Reynolds Ranch
  Mile High Ranch
 Certified Premium Quality      	(Vaughan)
 Weigh Station
 Lakes Motel
 Americano Cafe
  Welding Gas & Arc
  Ranch House Cafe
   Bel-View Motel
   Self Serv Isle
   Cactus Indian Trading Co.
   Meat Market
   Doxol Propane
   Package Goods
    Drive Up Window
    Mobile Home Park
   Skyline Motel Tubs-Showers
   Club Cafe
   Pete’s Camper Parking
   Ranch View Motel
   Mexican Food Steaks
   Woody's Truck Stop
   Coffee    Hot & Cold Sandwiches
   System 99
  For Sale Owner
  Cherry Cider
   Video  Flower Shop  Games
      Encino Motel
  Garage Repair Shop
  Rio Pecos Truck Stop
 Clines Corners 	     (Clines Corners)
  Rollins Lease/Rent
  Wagon Wheel
  Wagon Wheel Motel
  Ice Cold Beer
  American Parts Store
 Official Tourists Information
 Turner Restaurant Coffee Shop
 Handicapped Parking
 Turners Indian Jewelry
  Whole Sale for All
 Wayne Daniel Truck Lines
 Campgrounds USA
 Western  Rest Assured
 2800 Places
 Sunset Motel
 Green Chapparel Turf Ranch     	(Moriarty)
 Chapparel Truck Stop
  Rip Griffin
  Fuel Center
   Diesel Gas
  Truckers Welcome
  Land For Sale
  J. B. Hunt
  Valley Motors
  Whiting Brothers
 Vicky's Treasure Chest
 Eunice's Antiques
 Super Submarine Sandwich
 I Get Mine at Jr's Tire Shop
 Glen Reed Garage
 El Comedor de Anayas
 Mike's Friendly Store 	      (Edgewood)
  Fresh Green Chile
 Courteous Service Time
  Burger Queen
  Top Quality
  Camp Park
  Independent Truckers
 See Live Rattlers
 Camping Resort
 Regal Inn
 Cibola National Forest 	   (Tijeras)
 Watch for Rocks
 I ♡ My Truck
 Dangerous Crosswinds
  Feed Store
  Horses Boarded
  Kirtland Air Force Base
 Aladin Motor Hotel 	      (Albuquerque)
  Florida Gulf Shrimp
  Duke City Automotive
   Taste the Difference!
  Hopsas Realty
  GTE Lenkurt
  Professional Offices
   The Pines
   Young Doctors In Love
   Data General
   No Caffeine
   Four Seasons Motor Inn
  Avalanche Ski Sale
  Support Public TV
   Z-99 Easy Rock
   Bardacke Attorney General
  Cash Call
   Coke is it!
   We've Got the Answers
   For Academic Excellence
   Consider the Tom J. Popejoy Society
  Free Movies Sport Specials in Your Room
 Crossroads Motel
  Lord Calvert
  Flash Automotive
   Grecian Festival
  Toney Anaya
 The best paint we've ever made.
 The Madrid Lounge
 Caida de Aqua Park
  We're Pulling for you America!
  Santa Fe
  Package Express
  Land of Enchantment

larry goodell / placitas, new mexico / 29 august 1982

(on this bus trip from Artesia to Albuquerque, New Mexico, about 240 miles, I did try to jot down every verbal sign I saw . . . I did this again a couple years later in May of 1984, but from Las Cruces to Albuquerque: see Las Cruces North

About larry goodell

Poet exploring his viable extensions - publisher, performer, playwright - hand to hand help in creating spaces for poetry to be live in - reading events, recordings, online and tangible publications in the vocal spirit of his New Mexico.
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2 Responses to ARTESIA NORTH (WEST)

  1. Pingback: LAS CRUCES NORTH | lotsa lotsa

  2. Thanks, Larry . . . comprehensive! I get all teary just skimming it . . . also, reminds me of that famous late 60’s photo of Central Avenue with foreshortened perspective emphasizing all the signage, stacked right to the horizon . . .

    (Jonathan Skinner made this comment, a fellow New Mexican. Thanks, Jonathan . . . lg)

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