Allen Ginsberg In Albuquerque, at the Thunderbird Bar, at the San Felipe Feast Day Corn Dance 1967

Letter to poet Ronald Johnson (author of The Green Man)

from Larry Goodell, Placenta (Placitas), NM May 23, 1967

. . .
Ginsberg gathering after his reading at the U. was a glittering affair – out here at the Thunderbird no less, packed with hippies & other type love seekers, great reading, packed house, love I swear everywhere, Keith Wilson (from Las Cruces) with just abt all his students come up for the reading and so they and I split from the Thunderbird and my God there was an entourage to my place and party of mostly strange friendly faces here. I love Allen’s American Journal things, right up to his arrival in Albuquerque and Emmett(Grogan, the Diggers founder) read some Kirby Doyle things, don’t know where they came from, then Larry Bird, the Santo Domingo Indian friend of Snyder’s and Ginsberg’s, DELIVERED a long poem abt the hunter, hunted, eagle, prey, flights unforgettable to me and Ann (Quin) and Bill (Latif Harris) and I guess just abt everybody there. Then Allen, back to read some more, a good sex poem that is where he is now folks.

AND at the San Felipe Feast Day May 1st windy day, corn dances, Ginzy was there with short-haired Peter (Orlofsky)and Julius (Orlofsky) and others. I sat and talked with him awhile, he really dug the dance, two clans at one last point out there dancing at once, counter-rhythms (I told Allen a little about Ives, & hearing the [two] marching bands at once), and the little kids got tickled every time they came around, dancing in front of Allen, I guess all his hair and sitting there moving to the drum beats. ///God is it dry here, they danced the corn dance over Sunday.
/// So, just bits here, hope to see you June 8th or 12th, for example. Ken Irby had THE GREEN MAN,liked it, read out to us a couple beautiful parts, so hello and love from me & Bill.

About larry goodell

Poet exploring his viable extensions - publisher, performer, playwright - hand to hand help in creating spaces for poetry to be live in - reading events, recordings, online and tangible publications in the vocal spirit of his New Mexico.
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3 Responses to Allen Ginsberg In Albuquerque, at the Thunderbird Bar, at the San Felipe Feast Day Corn Dance 1967

  1. Latif Harris says:

    You know the U gave me permission to invite poets to come to read and Gary Snyder was the first. They actually had a budget for travel and a stipend for all those who came. Allen’s reading was in a big hall as I remember and we partied in Placitas. Some of the poets stayed at Creeley’s house as Sandy and I were renting it for a year during those great readings. Takes me back to a time of much joy and some sorrow as it was the last time I saw David when Camille and I got a place in Placitas and David spent the summer with us until Sandy moved back there and I left for Europe to study at Essex thanks to Creeley who set me up with a Fellowship for a year of graduate work. But it makes me sad to remember those last months with David who died in 1975 in Los Angeles. Due to some years abroad I did not return to California until 1972. I hope Sandy will see this and contact me again. Love to you the original Poetry Man.

  2. latifla1940 says:

    Larry I was the organizer of readings UNM gave me a budget and first was Snyder and I remember this night so well, we had made prayer sticks and offered to Ginzy, and the gathering at San Felipe was amazing. I was living in Creeley’s house and Snyder came in 66 and stayed some days, Bly showed up and a couple others and the house was full. Can you imagine a University giving a young poet money to bring the best poets of the time to Albuquerque?!

    Love and onward.

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