Professor Sidget Styfull’s E-Extermination

Professor Sidget Styfull broke his silence concerning his effort to stifle all E-publishing. “To compare digital madness with print on paper is like comparing a donut with a whore, or rather, a whore to a donut. The real thing must always take precedent over some imaginary electronic poof known as an E-book which is the wolf in sheep’s clothing of the non-publishing industry. Tradition trumps fadism,” Sidget said, as he stared at me wall-eyed, trying to look like the open pages of a book.

“All forms of the E-fad must be condemned and ignored by all thinking readers. It’s real books, real print on pages, do or die. Pull the plug on the E-farce and down the electronic drain with the digital charade that is pulling the internet wool over our computer burned-outeyes.”

Professor Styfull is presenting the House Unawares Committee with his E-Extermination Proposal today.

Professor Sidget Styfull

Naked Ear News, Placitas, New Mexico


About larry goodell

Poet, voice theater, open space for others, helping hands, sensual paradise here on earth reinvigorated by organic gardening, spirits of New Mexico dancing....
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