A Photo from About 1965 & a Letter to John, October 28, 1965

Bob & Bobbie Creeley, Ron Bayes (visiting me from Oregon after we’d met at the Vancouver Poetry Conference ’63), kids (Sarah & Kate & a neighbor kid), me (crouching), at the Creeley house, in the Village of Placitas mid ’60’s. Meeting Bob Creeley challenged & changed my life completely. Bobbie Louise Hawkins is now at the Naropa Institute and is an incredible story teller & teacher . . .

Letter to John: I can’t place who John is in this copy of a letter I wrote to him . . . (I did keep carbon copies of most of my letters) but the letter summarizes some important literary friends living in Placitas & Albuquerque at the time, namely: Ann Quin, British novelist, author of Berg & Three & other important novels; David Franks, poet from Baltimore studying with Creeley, author of Touch & co-editor of Magazine; Bob Creeley; William Harris (Latif Harris), editor of Ante in L.A., also studying with Creeley & editor of my first book Cycles; Bill Dodd, poet from Texas also studying with Creeley; Fred Ward black poet & musician. And there are references to Ron Bayes (author of History of the Turtle); Ron Caplan, editor of Mother & Frontier Press from Pittsburgh; and of course duende press which I was busy mimeoing at the time and sending out to poets & friends.

Dear John —

Here’s yr. copy of birth certificate/ maybe hopefully bartenders there arent as nervous about minors as they are here (Ann and I, for instance, were both asked once). I just finished Berg yesterday and after getting into it, which took several times, enjoyed it all the way, so read it if you can find a copy. The writing in it, basically, is so good. This plus Three already is an achievement. She called last night, has found a place on the water in Sausalito, so is moving from where the landlord objected to her Negro boyfriend who visited her.
Well, John, I’m late with these issues, hope you like some of the work/ have sent it fourth-class. What is Wieners’ address & anyone else there who wd. be interested enough to read? Please let me know something of the scene, will send off copies as soon as I hear from you (not really sure you will get this). /// Late, late warmth this year, the big cottonwood in the arroyo is just now almost wholly yellow. But the cold will probably hit before long.
Things here are brighter, that is, abt. people. There is David Franks who is living in Placitas, has good Creeley-type first book TOUCH and will be reading along with Bill Dodd (who’s just written a damned good story, abt. David and other things, that I wish to hell he’d had when I was putting together these duendes, so I cd. have used it). And the third reader will be William Harris, Bill, another, who is a wonderful person here taking courses with Creeley, here with wife and their little boy. He put out 3 issues of Ante from L.A., the 1st issue of which has a beautiful section of Bayes’ Turtle #3 about listening to Dr. Williams’ Caedman recording. But mostly he was caught up in a not too potent L.A. scene that he was glad to get away from. So anyway, just having David here plus the new Bill is a good thing. And David is editing a mag called MAGAZINE (no not Kirby Congdon’s) which all he has to do is send things and some woman pays for all. Anyway, please let me know if you have poems you’d like published/ will try to get copies of David’s mag. up that way if they wont naturally find their way there.

Anyway now when I’m sick of all this monotonous work of typing, running things off, collating, stapling, hours and hours of it and decided 10 issues of duende/ is enough to be helpful, from now on I’ll put out a small book or so of my poems and then maybe I can do something with offset. But the mimeo labor is too much for my weaker will. But here now David and Bill (Harris) and I and Bill Dodd too we could all join forces if something really compelling comes along. People here who wd. help, all together, is something new to consider. I must find a job for Sept. 66/ any suggestions? Been offered to take Ron Bayes’ place when he’s on sabbatical leave that year, but I dont know if I cd. be up to his very high work load.
Ron Caplan (who put out MOTHER) and his girl Barbara were here, stayed with me a couple days recently, just quit VISTA and disillusioned about it. Ron has a hunk of poems, books, that I’d love to do. And Bill Harris does too and Fred Ward. There’s no end to it when I thot at least for me I’d cut off the introductory capacity duende has. Oh well. Are things better there than here? ///Ann says the FUGS are funny — songs like Coca-cola Douche and I Had a Wet-Dream Over You / Ed Sanders and singing friends. Wonder how far they’ll get. //Just got back from weekend in Roswell, depths of middle-class America, isolated, flat-country, bigotted, ultra-conservative, much more like Texas than Northern New Mexico/ tis Texas/ more than 50 millionaires in that town of 45,000. I spent an hour driving thru “mexican town” and “nigger town”// just as bad as any slums I’ve seen.

Please tell me how you are/ what’s happening there.
Ever, Larry

Note: Roswell is where I was born and lived till graduated from high school. What I say was unfortunately true (the terminology), but Roswell did segregate a couple years before the ’55 Supreme Court decision . . .


About larry goodell

Poet exploring his viable extensions - publisher, performer, playwright - hand to hand help in creating spaces for poetry to be live in - reading events, recordings, online and tangible publications in the vocal spirit of his New Mexico.
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