A Letter to Ann Quin 1974

This was an important time for me (1974) since I’d completed my performance poem series the Ometeotl Trilogy comprised of The Staff, The Bowl & The Book, each one meant to be read/performed in its entirety which I did do . . . unfortunately Ann died and never received this letter . . . and it was returned to me with “Deceeased” written on the envelope . . .

Dear Ann — I’m certainly entering my ROMANTIC period, if not in Body certainly in Spirit. As I waft over the hills here. Trying to maneuver over North & West of Placitas along the intermittent Las Huertas, with a hill or so & arroyo waterfall when it rains & lots of rocks & high junipers & beautiful building site, and great shards that have already told me some things & it all faces South, so my Dad may buy the whole thing & sell us half, at a time. Anyway, cant find an already built house, darn it. Such fruitless frustration. So base the whole thing on the foundation. Right now, L. is making stuffed objects for a textiles show in Albuquerque — large cement mixer with pointer dog driver with, I urge her, a cigar in his mouth, & a stuffed can of worms & a stuffed snow pea with rainbow peas & a zipper spine. // Listening to Delius’ IN A SUMMER GARDEN, a little lovely1908 –  I knew It wd be Delius or the Stones. // Ken Irby’s in Denmark teaching at the English Institute at U. of Copenhagen, an exchange he has being ordinarily at Tufts.  & does like the pastries. // Lenore & Joel & I had a great over a month trip back East & North as far as Toronto, up there at Victor Coleman’s who’d read & liked much BERG so I’m sending him a copy of TRIPTICKS I have here, an extra from the bookstore where I work –  Calder’s sent odd numbers of yr books when they at last finally came. Does anybody distribute them in America? Does America even exist? So now finally finished printing in a cold garage FERVENT VALLEY #3 which I’m sending you by boat. Sorry I cant send it air, but absurdly expensive. & a book of Gino’s (tiny), so please let me know any address change. We did get our TRIPTICKS & I read & got great enjoyment from — it shd excite a lot of prose writers around here when it becomes someday available. Coleman’s COACH HOUSE PRESS does a lot of prose that is aimed at & also curiously from America. The cartoon factor. Large heavy dreams lately. But exquisite disclosures come, especially with this music. Reading much Gertrude Stein in last couple years. Still on Everybody’s Autobiography & Black Sparrow did her REFLECTION ON THE ATOMIC BOMB. /// My reading tour worked out great. Steve Rodefer went with us & we read together New York, U. of Conn., Boston, Buffalo, Toronto, Chicago, Bloomington & back. At St. Mark’s Church in New York, several old painter & photographer friends who’ve been to N. Mex. were there & some N.Y. poets though few notables, but then there was TAYLOR MEAD, Warhol’s top “character” actor. “Im not an actor, Im a star,” he says. & Taylor Mead dug my doing the BOWL OF OMETEOTL with two dildos, stuffed boobs, stuffed lingam & yoni, & my Lenore Schwartz muscle shirt. All in all I got drunk & did it all. So a few nights later we saw his LEMON HEARTS & HOME MOVIES & I got a copy of his book TAYLOR MEAD ON AMPHETAMINE & IN EUROPE, which he signed, “To Larry Goodell Aztec Goddess, from Taylor Mead Grecian Urn.”
Got videotaped at Buffalo, all the whole trip worked out great & Joel didnt freak out till the end asking when we wd be home. So now is great for me to have all these FV3’s to send out & gives me a chance to thank all those people & communicate.  Lenore got so fired up seeing great things, esp. the Boston Fine Arts Museum, that huge glowing Gauguin, & on & on. & we didnt have any smog, perfect pure weather of old –  New England Fall with intense reds we dont get here. The whole trip was charmed — so things do rest easily here, hoping to phase into our own place somehow. Energy crisis not much except we cant buy gas on Sundays, but all-night-talk-shows talk about it endlessly. Placitas full of trailors, sorry to say, but it aint the only place that is. Dont know where else to go. Lenore has done some great drawings, mostly in pencil but with some color. Sending you this one which is probably better than the poem. But the poem started a new series of priest-robe poems which I’m real happy with –  have read recently at big private reading with Bill Pearlman In Albuq., & in Roswell at party after opening of Michelle Sewards’ lithographs, Lenore’s best friend & fantastic lithographer — & in one I wear this long white robe & underneath revealed when the robe comes off of course is that white brown black bathing suit you gave me a long time ago –  oh the poem is called JESUS EATS HIS EATS HIS JESUS or BEWARE THE SAILOR WAVE.
So I work tomorrow at Living Batch, & back to this duende work in 3 days. Then I’ll do a big book of mine. Rodefer is editing & doing Fervent Valley 4 thank god. I got $3000 grant to continue duende. But I wish I cd use it to start building a house. Think of you daily and miss you Ann. Havent seen Creeley in long time. He was here when we were back East. Hope for best & write. Have anything to send Rodefer for FV4? I’ll forward. 
Love – Larry – Lenore & Joel Ai Rainbow 

P.S. my dad came up to see this property, & decided against buying it for us – he wants us closer to the Village, with utilities.

[enclosed was rainbow thread & piece of mica and duende broadside of lenore’s portrait of us as birds & fish, and poem of mine, inscribed: for Ann
all our good hopes & wishes & prayers
& feasts & love — to you from us
ever Love, Larry Lenore & Joel / Jan74]
The “new series of priest-robe poems” I refer to towards the end of this letter is called “The Face of Velma” and is dedicated to Kell Robertson and can be seen here: http://issuu.com/larrygoodell/docs/the_face_of_velma

A Facebook page devoted to Ann Quin (1936-1973): https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ann-Quin/372495999441?ref=hl


About larry goodell

Poet exploring his viable extensions - publisher, performer, playwright - hand to hand help in creating spaces for poetry to be live in - reading events, recordings, online and tangible publications in the vocal spirit of his New Mexico.
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One Response to A Letter to Ann Quin 1974

  1. Hi Larry,

    My name is Alexis Parsons. I’m hopeful that I’ve found Lenore. We were friends in New York City in the early 1960’s. My maiden name was Alexis Argiros. Hopefully I’ve found her.
    My email address is Alexis.M.Parsons@gmail.com. How many Lenore’s with Ai Rainbow can exist? 🙂
    I look forward to hearing from you and Lenore and all about Ai Rainbow!!!


    Alexis (still in NYC)

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