Poetry and Vital Words at the Living Batch Bookstore

Photograph by Nicole Blaisdell-Ivey

This is Maisha Baton reading from her poetry & writing at the Living Batch Bookstore, 1992, at the Los Angeles Bookstore Relief party . . . . Maisha was born July 2, 1938 and left us all too soon — Dec. 27, 2009. I am grateful Nicole sent this photograph-portrait, more than grateful, I’m stunned . . . Maisha’s writing and her work with revealing histories of New Mexico that hadn’t been evident, is remarkable . . .

I have a few CD’s of the reading events at the Batch when I was working there, and as evidence of the scope of spoken word here is what I have, what I’m working on with  some information on prices if you are interested . . .

duende spinoffs 
Selected reading performances at the Living Batch Bookstore, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 1987-91, recorded by Larry Goodell and now transferred from cassette tape to CD. My thanks to the poets and musicians, who gave me permission to do my nickle-dime recordings, and my thanks to the Living Batch Bookstore, to Pancho Elliston, Gus Blaisdell, Jeff Bryan and to all who were employed there and loved the bookstore phenomenon during those creative years. Do contact me if you’s like to order one of these. lg

Carma Bums, No Seat Belts Tour of Words 1989, at the Living Batch, Albuquerque, August 24. Ellyn Maybe, S.A. Griffin, Mike Bruner, Doug Knott, Bobbo Staron, Scott Wannberg (raucous recording, overloads, ups & downs, but a unique event).
duende spinoff #1

Edward Dorn, Abhorrences, at the Living Batch 1990, Albuquerque, NM. Reading from Abhorrences, Black Sparrow Press. A stunningly relevant and amazingly current reading by one of America’s truly great poets at the pinnacle of his finesse.
duende spinoff#2

Philip Whalen, reading from On Bear’s Head, Harcourt Brace, at the Living Batch, 1989. Relaxed and powerful, the best from the best. Earthshakingly natural, revealing the power of words undramaticized from one of our classical post-Williams best.
duende spinoff #3

Drum Hadley & Bayou Seco at the Living Batch 1991, Albuquerque. Drum Hadley tells of Billy Brown, “Old Style Horsebreakin,” and sings “Drops of Water.” Many great stories & poems. Nothing is left to be desired in this reading-performance. Ken Keppeler & Jeanie McLerie, who are Bayou Seco, do five songs of the West, a perfect compliment to America’s great rancher poet.
duende spinoff#4

Gino Sky & Clifford Burke at the Living Batch 1991. Sky presents excellent stories, serious humor, authentic legend. Burke reads many poems, having just moved to New Mexico. Old friends meet again.
duende spinoff #5

Cipriano Vigil & Jim Sagel at the Living Batch 1990, Albuquerque. Songs written by & sung by Cipriano Vigil with guitar. Last couple songs his family joins him. Jim Sagel reads 6 pieces. This is a pure New Mexico presentation. A great memorial to Mr. Sagel.
duende spinoff #6

Nathaniel Tarn & a Couple Canadians, at the Living Batch 1990, Albuquerque. Excellent clear reading by Tarn, now an integral trans-world New Mexican icon, followed by informal informative discussions with some audience members. Very short readings by visiting Canadians, Glen Sorestad & Peter Christensen (1987).
duende spinoff #7

Stanley Cavell, Memoir of JL Austin, & commentary on Emerson’s Parable in “Manners.” 1987 Lecture at the Living Batch, Albuquerque, 2nd “In Carl’s Spirit” Event. Introduction by Gus Blaisdell.
duende spinoff #8

E.A. (Tony) Mares & Enrique Lamadrid, reading at the Living Batch, ‘89 or so, Albuquerque. Poetry in English & Spanish, very reflective of New Mexico at its native contemporary best. Old friends, excellent writings.
duende spinoff #9

Los Angeles Poetry Ensemble, May 1991 at the Living Batch, quite a diverse invasion from Los Angeles in the form of Ann Braeff, Gwynne Garfinkle, Ellyn Maybe, & Mary F. Striegel. Plus Albuquerque poets Pat Smith & Dave Seder.
duende spinoff #10

Bobbie Louise Hawkins, 1986, at the Living Batch, stories including “Elevation of Terre Haute is 40 Feet” and from her long New Mexico residency “Rosario” and a spectacular and hilarious “Doing Psychology.” She’s a Naropa Institute teacher and Boulder resident and is a true Queen of the South West.
duende spinoff #11

Nanao Sakaki, 1986?, at the Living Batch, a peaceful world traveler clearly funny and incisive, from “Oh My God” to “Rowing in the Snow Ocean.”
duende spinoff#12

Gene Frumkin, 1991, Comma in the Ear, at the Living Batch 1991. Living Batch Press Publication Event. Gene Frumkin reads from the first part of Comma in the Ear, entertaining introduction by Gus Blaisdell, the publisher.
duende spinoff#13

[Drum Hadley, February 1979, at the Central Torta in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Recorded on reel to reel tape by Jack Loeffler, one of the great poetry events of 20th Century America, 2 disks. My thanks to Jack Loeffler and to Everett Campbell, Bill Rane & Family, and of course to Mr. Drum Hadley.
duende spinoff#14]

Orders: $10 plus $2 each disk, Hadley at Torta $16 plus $2. Contact larry goodell, po box 571, placitas, nm 87043, larrygood@comcast.net


About larry goodell

Poet exploring his viable extensions - publisher, performer, playwright - hand to hand help in creating spaces for poetry to be live in - reading events, recordings, online and tangible publications in the vocal spirit of his New Mexico.
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