Ken Irby Postcard 7July1974

El Bosco (1450-1516) The delicious garden (fragment).

El Bosco (1450-1516) The delicious garden (fragment).

Irby, Bramshill Gardens, London ★7July74 ★
Larry – Ah my, what an incredible place the Prado truly is! This Bosch perhaps the greatest treasure there for me, but hardly the only one, not by far – Such a collection of 15th Century Flemish masterpieces! & then the Velasquez & the Goyas! Whew, & yet again! Only the Hermitage rivals it, and we hardly saw it except on the run – Oslo, Stockholm (one of the great cities of the world – where we finally saw that marvelous traveling Chinese show from Peking, with the jade burial suit, etc) Turin, Helsinki, Leningrad, back to Copenhagen, Paris, Barcelona (wondrous architecture, not just Gaudi but his compatriots & contemporaries) a couple of days in the countryside about 120 km West of Valencia at the summer house of an old Spanish colleague of Jim’s at Princeton – now Madrid– next Lisbon & N., Santiago de Compostela etc. before Paris again – Such food!! My lord a mercy! You’d flip at the seafood tapas available with drinks in the bars. Spain is much reminiscent of New Mexico terrain, but more tropical (palm trees) but definitely a kindred landscape – you must come here one day – Write me a note at least at the above address where I’ll be by 1Aug. Hang loose & love ★ Ken

bosh irby pc text

I went through our postcard collection recently, including the linen ones Lenore has put in a nice protective album, but what I was separating out were the ones with personal notes to us . . . and I’m invigorated by the personality invested in a postcard to a friend or acquaintance, actually, to anybody, the hand on paper touch that’s absent in today’s pervasive emails . . . I’m so happy for the messages I uncovered again, and thankful for this touch to touch way of communicating . . . sad, of course, that it and true letter-writing have dwindled to almost nothing.

This postcard from Ken Irby, my longstanding poet friend, written when he was teaching in Copenhagen, is just one example of the large bit of self and sweeping information we contained in our sendings to one another . . . my love and thanks to all my friends who were part of my postcard world, yes, not that many years ago . . .

larry goodell / placitas, new mexico / 2Nov2013


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Poet exploring his viable extensions - publisher, performer, playwright - hand to hand help in creating spaces for poetry to be live in - reading events, recordings, online and tangible publications in the vocal spirit of his New Mexico.
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