Intro Bill Pearlman Stephen Rodefer Poetry Reading – 1973


Bill Pearlman, Lennie Silverberg (hidden), Stephen Rodefer

FERVENT VALLEY is old New Mexico Fruit Oriental Blue Streak Dr. Amer-Indian
Negro Woman Chicana Duende White Brother spelled backwards
& BILL PEARLMAN whose Age is Apparent
& STEVE RODEFER whose manner Takes the Cake
something to do with D.H. Lawrence & Robert Creeley Georgia O’Keefe
William Eastlake & the Indian on the Hill John Rechy Keith Wilson
& Others & Others & Space
which is under the subterranean reaches of Okies & this building —
Placitas Corrales & Beyond the Visionary Artaud Hirschman Kinetic in
Pearlman he drops down acid rhetoric in contrary planes
& Rodefer as Voices carries lovemaking the Sight which is inner Province
of Troubadore in spillage careful outward
these Two Gents of lore around this town — all part of a renewed
face of the Southwest in 1967 Zingdap! & I fell down the stairs by
the orchestra pit into the arms of six beautiful women — & I have nothing
better to urge on this evening but the entire possibility of Speech in
Dance of Reform of itself — friends & all — STEVE RODEFER & BILL PEARLMAN

/larry goodell / placitas, new mexico / 1973new-scan910


About larry goodell

Poet, voice theater, open space for others, helping hands, sensual paradise here on earth reinvigorated by organic gardening, spirits of New Mexico dancing....
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