I’m 80

img_2982I’m as 80 as you’re going to get. I couldn’t be eightier.
80 times around the sun the Earth with me on it.
80 times 365 is too much to think about.
I probably should be downsized in age if it were possible.
Heck, I’m as old as Alcoholics Anonymous.
I’m as old as the Gallup Poll and guess what was first produced
.     .    .    in the year I was born? Nylon.
I shared my birth with the birth of swing
so obviously Benny Goodman was much much older than I am.
I’m as old as Monopoly and the first canned beer went on sale
the year I was born. The first paperback books came out
from Penguin. I’m as old as the 1st paperback book!
Now I’m really feeling old. The Volkswagen Beetle,
.     .    .    remember those? the year I was born.
I’m as old as the first florescent tube.
I’m as old as the first Toyota car and lo & behold
the very first parking meters.
I’m as old as the WPA – too bad it died!
And get this: I’m the exact age of social security –
.     .    .    .     .    .    praise Democrats!
Boulder Dam was completed – and – I was born.
And guess what, the first Sugar Bowl and first Orange Bowl.
The first men’s briefs, in Chicago: they called it “the Jockey.”
Ezra Pound is meeting Benito Mussolini and reading him
.     .    .    a draft of the “Cantos.”
James Farrell finishes his great Studs Lonigan trilogy.
Herman Goering officially creates . . . . . the Luftwaffe.
Persia officially becomes . . . . . Iran.
I’m as old as the beginning of the Dust Bowl
.     .    .    after the worst ravaging sandstorms in the Midwest.
The year the New Deal was born, and Porgy & Bess opens in New York.
And Mickey Mouse appears in color on the screen for the first time.
I’m as 80 as you’re going to get. I couldn’t be eightier.

larry goodell / placitas, new mexico
written for my birthday solstice potluck June 20th, 2015 and read before the cake.
also read at Chatter in Albuquerque! Thanks to all.


About larry goodell

Poet exploring his viable extensions - publisher, performer, playwright - hand to hand help in creating spaces for poetry to be live in - reading events, recordings, online and tangible publications in the vocal spirit of his New Mexico.
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4 Responses to I’m 80

  1. talkinggourds says:

    beautiful, larry. i’m 10 years behind you but always inspired by you.

    say, i’d like to use this poem for an on-line journal lito tejada-flores and i run, sagegreenjournal.org

    can you send bio and photo?

    blessings from the San Juan Mtns artg

  2. Steve Clay says:

    Hey Larry —


    x Steve


  3. Wonderful Larry, All best “as eighty as you can get”
    Latif Harris

  4. pcallen says:

    We love you Larry! Thanks for posting this again ~ you’re in good company, and a household word in all those houses you’ve graced with your alive performances and your living mind.
    Gracias, muchas gracias por su vida, ochodero!

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