A Stroll Down Memory Lane or An Abridged Version of Political History as I See It- Lenore Goodell

From my wife and love of 49 years, Lenore Goodell, her photograph and words.
Thank you and love to all.- larry


[All this has been roiling about in my head for a while and even though I hate to write I cannot let it go.]

Remembering back long, long ago in the wake of the Clinton election, Cokie Roberts was spouting on NPR and made the pronouncement that the Republicans would “eat their young” (in what I presume would be frustration). At the time, that sounded like a pretty good outcome, and I was very happy to have an energetic President with fairly liberal values – younger than myself (but the same ballpark).

BUT Ms. Roberts was entirely wrong. Instead of eating young they created an industry of discrediting President Clinton and his family in the most despicable and slimiest manner.

In spite of that the USA had a successful run of 8 years. And I think if Al Gore hadn’t distanced himself from Clinton he would have won. (Well, in reality, he did win but that was the first time they stole the election with dirty tricks i.e. voter suppression and having their Supremes declare a winner.)

[Think of how different the world might be. No war in Iraq that destabilized the Middle East and global warming being addressed 16 years ago – maybe a chance to turn things around.]

Even after the Bush years and President Obama elected, Republicans never stopped their scummy behavior, scheming to block any accomplishments, attempting to discredit a man who clearly is above any reproach. Many times along the way of his term I had wished he were more liberal and more scrappy to the folks arrayed on the other side but, of course, they had the benefit of owning the congress which was bought and paid for by the hard labor of gerrymandering and throwing dark money in small elections. So, many people not doing well in a good economy is due to the Republican Congress thwarting a good bit of the President’s recovery program. [As I see it they passed just enough to benefit themselves and leave the rest of us in the cold and dark.]

So now we come around to my point in this shaggy dog story. Here is another stolen election. I knew the fix was in when Trump announced that Democrats would steal the election, because that is one of the Republication game plans – a preemptive strike to make the truth sound like defensiveness. And even with all the nasty dirt Secretary Clinton got pelted with (a lot of it a revival of the old anti-Clinton industry) she and Democrats and we the people were winning but for:
Voter suppression
The FBI placing fingers on the scale at the last minute
Russian interference.

All of these make the pollution of our sacred right to vote in a fair election a clear fact and Donald Trump a cheat, liar, in my opinion a traitor and the front man of a right-wing coup. And the troll army is out saying that we are poor sports and disrespectful to not accept this “election result” as a final word. ARE THEY KIDDING? They must think we Americans are all fools.

It is the Democrats’ patriotic duty to speak up and speak out. I don’t know what can happen now – but I do know that Democrats have to gather and fight as hard and nasty as Republicans. High moral ground and gentility is clearly not loud enough to win the day. Learn to boil messages down to simplistic and jingoistic phrases like they do. Attack and resist, it’s a fight for our existence.

Lenore Goodell

About larry goodell

Poet exploring his viable extensions - publisher, performer, playwright - hand to hand help in creating spaces for poetry to be live in - reading events, recordings, online and tangible publications in the vocal spirit of his New Mexico.
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