Robert Creeley Handouts UNM 1962

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New Scan593Of course these aren’t all the pages we talked about in Robert Creeley’s English 121 course but they are among the few I still have. I’d heard him read from For Love directly to Bobbie Creeley in the Adobe Theater in Old Town, Albuquerque, but became acquainted with him in this class. Hank Chapin (who published Bluegrass & first published me) and Bill Dodd (who I published in a duende) were in this classThen I went to the Vancouver Poetry Conference thanks to Bob’s urging, and immediately after started duende, moving to Placitas from Albuquerque about the same time the Creeleys did (1963), a wonderful coincidence.

It was that Wollensak (and I do believe wire) recorder he brought to class from which we heard his interviews with Duncan, Dorn, Olson, McClure, Zukofsky, Levertov? and, by way of the visiting Jonathan Williams, Basil Bunting . . . I think some of the tapes he had came from his interview program on KHFM  “The Single Ear,” the Albuquerque classical station, where they were aired. But then in his home in the Village we listened to all the way from Kurt Schwitters to an interview with Ezra Pound to Frank Zappa. I have cassette dubs of a few of these still at home since I haven’t yet arranged to send my media stuff to Yale.


Bob Creeley saved my life. The WCW-Olson-Creeley-etc. voices broke through my word glut, and as embarrassing as it is, here’s a bit of how he helped . . .

Christo lg Creeley suggestions

New Scan586

PC Creeley come to Vancouver

larry goodell / placitas, new mexico

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Poet exploring his viable extensions - publisher, performer, playwright - hand to hand help in creating spaces for poetry to be live in - reading events, recordings, online and tangible publications in the vocal spirit of his New Mexico.
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