Choose a Boston Butt Pork Roast (I used a 3.7 pound roast). Trim obvious fat. Put in large pot with some olive oil.

Brown on all sides pretty high heat.

Pour in chicken stock to barely cover.

Turn boil down to a medium simmer. Add a cup or cup and a quarter of hot Chimayo, New Mexico red chile powder. (Available at T & T in bags in Bernalillo – medium, hot and extra hot.)

Add some chopped garlic cloves (or some Placitas garlic oil.) Add a teaspoon of ground cumin, teaspoon of oregano, half teaspoon of salt (chicken stock has salt in it). Add half a teaspoon of coriander powder and a teaspoon of basil. You might want to add more of any of these now or later.

Cover pot and set to medium simmer for about an hour and a half (just making sure meat is well cooked)

Remove just the meat and pull it apart. Return the pulled pork to the chile and cook for another 10 minutes or so.

Put some of the cooked chile in a bowl and thoroughly stir in up a half cup of flour and add that while stirring to the chile. Make sure no flour lumps. Continue cooking for another 10 or more minutes.

Taste for salt and heat. It may seem hotter at end of cooking than it will be when served. Serve in a bowl topped with grated extra sharp cheddar if you like. Some sour cream on top is delicious. And also use it to make enchiladas or smothered burritos.

This recipe is originally from Frances Perea in Placitas. So this is a bit of a memorial to her. I have no idea how close this is to the original but I’ve been fixing it for years. Love and happy healthy eating to all!

Larry Goodell / Placitas, New Mexico / February 28, 2021.

About larry goodell

Poet exploring his viable extensions - publisher, performer, playwright - hand to hand help in creating spaces for poetry to be live in - reading events, recordings, online and tangible publications in the vocal spirit of his New Mexico.
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