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A Stroll Down Memory Lane or An Abridged Version of Political History as I See It- Lenore Goodell

Please read this from my wife and love of 49 years, Lenore Goodell. Thank you and love to all.- larry [All this has been roiling about in my head for a while and even though I hate to write I … Continue reading

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2 Guest Editors – Garrison & Goodell – Truck Blog

Phil Garrison Selection of New Poems this is from December of 2016. Larry Goodell Selection of New Poems this is from July . . . . Congratulations Phil for your bringing these poems out! larry

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David, a poem for David Franks

David I’m not your beast I’m not your priest I’m not your feast I’m not your Chicago Your New Orleans Your vibrato. I’m not your anything I’m just a memory of a non-mammary I’m not even that I’m the exact … Continue reading

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I’m 80

I’m as 80 as you’re going to get. I couldn’t be eightier. 80 times around the sun the Earth with me on it. 80 times 365 is too much to think about. I probably should be downsized in age if … Continue reading

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Intro Bill Pearlman Stephen Rodefer Poetry Reading – 1973

FERVENT VALLEY is old New Mexico Fruit Oriental Blue Streak Dr. Amer-Indian Negro Woman Chicana Duende White Brother spelled backwards & BILL PEARLMAN whose Age is Apparent & STEVE RODEFER whose manner Takes the Cake something to do with D.H. … Continue reading

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Poems for Bill Pearlman & One By Him

Romance Cavalier /for Bill Pearlman As was as is as to be – what are we going to do without the Romance Cavalier? You know as I do that we all should be permanent. Those infrequent visits can’t simply come … Continue reading

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Duende Celebration June 11 & 12, 2016: Some Afterthoughts

I recorded on my little Zoom H2 the Saturday Morning and Afternoon sessions and put them on Bandcamp. I decided to persist to the end in spite of all the terrible chair scrapings and obliterative mic booms. I’m a novice (always) and … Continue reading

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Warren Tallman: “Poets in Vancouver” (1963)

Originally posted on Aaron Vidaver:
Introduction and Notes by Aaron Vidaver In light of new interest in the 1963 Vancouver Poetry Conference and Robert McTavish’s forthcoming film The Line Has Shattered, I’ve reviewed my research from 1997-1999 and started to…

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Poets In Placitas – links – March 12, 2016

  Robert Creeley Start anywhere, go everywhere . . . Bobbie Louise Hawkins took these home movies from 1962 to 1965. Allen Ginsberg at the Thunderbird Charlie Vermont, a poet from New York Thunderbird Bar Intimate … Continue reading

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Peggy Pond Church & Florence Hansen McCarty to Larry

Two women writers react to my sending them poems. First is the renowned Peggy Pond Church (1903-1986) in Santa Fe. I’d been sending her copies of duende magazine in the early 60’s . . . What a fine letter with a … Continue reading

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