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Keith Wilson, An Appreciation of the Poet, the Friend

Shaman of the Desert Keith Wilson’s Shaman of the Desert, Collected Poems (1965-2001) is a massive volume of over 1100 pages containing works from at least a couple dozen of his books. Drum Hadley, long-time friend of Keith Wilson’s, says … Continue reading

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Living Batch Bookstore (more pieces of history)

Gus Blaisdell, Owner, and Janet Maher, working at the front desk checking in books. Notice, yes, card catalogs, the microfiche viewer for checking stock at Ingrams, a book distributor, plus the big volumes of Books In Print . . . … Continue reading

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The Living Batch Bookstore by Geary Hobson

When I received the email from Nikki Blaisdell-Ivey and Larry Goodell about their proposed Living Batch book, I had just been indulging in a Living Batch moment. I was reading my used paperback copy of The Good Soldier Schweik, remembering … Continue reading

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Living Batch Bookstore (pieces of history)

Note: scroll down for a Timeline . . . I just added . . . & a few photographs . . . “I is now a living Batch” Ed Dorn, Gunslinger, Book II I welcome any comments reflections accuracies emendations … Continue reading

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A Letter to Ann Quin 1974

This was an important time for me (1974) since I’d completed my performance poem series the Ometeotl Trilogy comprised of The Staff, The Bowl & The Book, each one meant to be read/performed in its entirety which I did do … Continue reading

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Letter to Bill Pearlman, 15Aug1975

This is a letter/note to Bill Pearlman, author of Inzorbital (duende press, 1974), Surfing Off the Arc (Grasshopper Press, Albuquerque, 1970), and in 1977 Elegy for Prefontaine & other track poems, Living Batch Press, Albuquerque). Our house in the Village … Continue reading

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