3 Word Plays from the 80’s

I have a binder of Clapping & Rhythm Poems . . . within that a bunch of 4 word, 4 line poems some of which fold out . . .
and these three poems I’ve read while playing a few notes on the piano, as indicated on these performance (guide) pages . . .
“Microwave” was recorded and is on my “The Mad New Mexican” cassette album from Ubik Sound, Albuquerque . . .
throughout my work there are works that require notes of procedure for reading/performing/saying the poem . . .and here
are a few examples, something like a score for reading . . .







the 80’s was a remarkable field for writing for me, something like an explosive creative counterpoint to the Reagonomic destruction of the commons and our economy going on . . .
I’m sure many were powerful participants in this . . .


About larry goodell

Poet, voice theater, open space for others, helping hands, sensual paradise here on earth reinvigorated by organic gardening, spirits of New Mexico dancing....
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